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Niki Kallenberger & Gary Richards, Sydney, Australia

It’s been a week since Garry and I said good-bye to you. We’ve thought and talked a lot about our travels with you, and we want you to know just how much we enjoyed ourselves. You said we’d have a very nice trip and indeed we did! You gave us a very wide-ranging and insightful introduction to both Slovenia and Croatia and we have seen a lot, learned a lot, and had a lot of fun along the way. We appreciate your professionalism, experience, knowledge, enthusiasm, photographic expertise, your warm personality and (last but not least) your sense of humor. As you said, travel is really about people, and your people skills ensure you connect with people very effectively. We’d love to travel with you again. We look forward to keeping in touch with you, and really meant it when we said you will always be welcome to stay with us, should you come to Australia. Thank you so much for all you did for us. You are a great ambassador for your part of the world. We hope Luka Esenko Photography goes from strength to strength!

Phoe Heng Ng, Singapore

Hope this mail find you both well and having your personal holidays with family. Lina and myself would like to thank you for an enjoyable 3 days in Slovenia. In a short 3 days we got to see some of the most memorable places in the most relaxing manner. We don’t feel rushed as with big coach groups and took our time to have a nice meal and coffee and take in the sights. We would like to especially thank Andrej for organizing a sunrise visit to Lake Bled in the early hours to capture the misty lake. It was one unforgettable morning. Having been a photo enthusiast for many years, I’m still learning more about my digital SLR and Andrej was good help in sharing tips on lightings, exposure, etc. Having captured so many memorable sights of Slovenia, I’m still in the midst of selecting and organizing them !!… will share with you the link, hopefully by this year. Wishing you and family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Fred Shiple, Toledo, Ohio, USA

Luka is a gifted instructor and photographer. We spent two stimulating weeks with him this past summer in the Croatia-Slovenia Workshop. He has a thorough knowledge of the area and despite several weather challenges, always got us to unique photographic opportunities. The learning environment was both challenging and supportive. I made more progress relative to photo composition under his guidance than I had done in any previous workshop. He literally changed and improved my way of looking at the world.
Luka set us up with excellent restaurants and accommodations. We felt we were treated more as guests than as clients. I should mention that several in our group were non-photographers and Luka worked hard to see that their experience was equally good. All in all, we had an excellent blend of instruction, inspiration, and good old-fashioned fun.

Timothy Hacker, Toledo, Ohio, USA

We had a great time on the 14-day Croatia & Slovenia Tour in September 2012 and had great photo opportunities thanks to Luka. He knew where to take us depending on the weather, etc. The itinerary was excellent, as was the transportation in his 8-passenger SUV. The accommodations were fine, not always the fanciest but certainly nice. The food in general was very good. The hospitality was excellent. His enthusiasm and expertise for photography was great and the personalization of the trip made it most enjoyable. Thanks.

Emily Davis, USA

I did the 15-day A2A Photography tour of Dubrovnik, Croatia & Slovenia tour from 16 – 30 September 2012.
I learned how to use a polarizing filter, how to capture the motion of water with a slower shutter speed, gained confidence in photographing people and learned to pay attention to what I was focusing on.
I thought the itinerary was very thoughtfully organized, with short stops at interesting places, like the town of Ston in Croatia, to break up some of the travel time between overnight stops. I felt like we had enough time in each location to get our photos, enjoy the surroundings and soak up the atmosphere. Some of my favorite memories are from the free time we had most days, walking on top of the city wall in Dubrovnik on a hot sunny day and exploring Lake Bled on a cool and misty day. I really appreciated the time at Plitvice Lakes, it was like being in one of the worlds most beautiful classrooms and Luka’s guidance and instruction made it a turning point for me in terms of understanding light and motion and how to capture those elements with my camera. The accommodations and hospitality were great, everything met or exceeded my expectations. Some locations were really fantastic, Hvar island was really awesome. The breakfast on Hvar island was amazing, the variety was impressive and the local fresh cheeses delicious. Lunches were often on our own or on the road, which was fine, we had one really memorable lunch in a little village in Slovenia called Psnak, where we had some really delicious local cuisine, buckwheat dumplings and sauerkraut, sausage, really unbelievably delicious. For dinner, there is a tie between the Bosnian restaurant and the Slovenian restaurant, I can’t remember the name of either; both were in Ljubljana, both had amazing food. I can’t say enough about the food really, I enjoyed eating my way through Croatia and Slovenia and also trying the local beers and wines of the regions we visited.

Travis J. Brown, Virginia, USA

I joined the 14-day Croatia and Slovenia tour on the last two weeks of September 2012. I became significantly more comfortable with my D800 and learned a great deal about blue hour and night photography. I was also able to leave my comfort zone and photograph people – a first for me! I felt the trip was organized quite well. Personally I would have been happy to have skipped Split and spend more time in the Julian Alps or Hvar. Overall accommodations were comfortable and clean. Luka did a great job of keeping the trip going when the rain started. I will certainly recommend and travel again with Adriatic2Alps. In fact, I appreciate the trip even more now that I’m back and reviewing the images.

Debbie Watson, Brisbane, Australia

From the first moment I disembarked in Dubrovnik I was in love with the Adriatic. My breath was taken away with the sheer beauty of the city and the coastal landscape. This was the first of many times that my breath was taken away on the Adriatic2Alps tour as Croatia and Slovenia are some of the most spectacular countries that I have visited. From swimming in the crystal clear Adriatic, to eating ice-cream watching the sunset over the ocean, to climbing hills and mountains to discover hidden waterfalls, this trip has it all. Luka was the perfect host sharing both his love of these places and his love of photography. His enthusiasm was completely infectious and was a joy to be around. There were photo opportunities everywhere I looked and Luka was there to help me make the most of these. Lukas intimate knowledge of the region allows you to maximise your time in a place to get the most amazing shots in the best possible light. With his passion and natural teaching ability, Luka helped me improve my skill, knowledge and photography dramatically during this trip. I feel privileged to have met Luka and I look forward to planning my next trip through the Balkans with Adriatic2Alps.

Jami Scott, Hebron, KY, USA

The trip was great. I just wanted to thank you again for everything. I appreciate all the insights regarding photography. Believe it or not, I did learn quite a bit. But also, learning as much as we did about each place we visited. The addition of the day trip to Mostar was unexpected and an amazing place to visit. Your efforts to modify the itinerary due to the rainy conditions were also appreciated. Hope the fly-fishing photo shoot went well for you. Ana did a great job filling in for you in your absence. She showed us the sights in Ljubljana and taught us quite a bit as well. I enjoyed meeting Neja, Andrej and Andreja. They were great to spend time with. You have amazing friends.

Donna Judd & Jody Nyvall, California, USA

My week with Luka was the best photographic experience of my life! Luka seemingly knows every inch of Slovenia and Croatia, so that whatever shot I wanted, he know where to go, and the best time of day to shot for whatever desired effect. Luka is a fabulous photographer, and an excellent teacher, a talent many gifted people do not possess. I learned a lots and had fun while doing so. Luka was flexible, listened to our requests, and worked hard to get around my inability to walk long distances. Best of all, my sister, who did not even have a camera with her, also had a wonderful experience. Thanks, Adriatic2Alps!

Mary-Louise Levick, Brisbane, Australia

I am so happy to provide a second testimony (Read the first testimonial.) for Luka and his Company Adriatic2Alps. After an amazing and enjoyable Adriatic2Alps Autumn leaves tour of Slovenia in 2009, I decided to make a personalized booking to Croatia and Montenegro. I had been to Croatia 5 years ago with another non-photographic tour company. But I wanted to see it more extensively as well as being able to stop whenever and not all “tourist’ areas. Once again Luka delivered an amazing trip with most of it exceeding my expectations. The accommodation was impeccable with a mix of standards, but all very comfortable and all easy access to some of the best photography landscapes in this area. The mix of free and organized time was well balanced – allowing both relaxation and photographic time to be maximized. What I really want to convey this time is Luka’s attention to detail in planning this trip, his ability to meet the client’s requirements but still allowing for flexibility for weather conditions, unexpected finds (a farm stay in Montenegro . He was able to suggest things that ended up being better then what I initially was looking at. I guess the big thing that sets Adriatic2Alps in a class of its is what I said last time: “You don’t’ feel like a tourist, you feel like Luka’s guest. Nothing is rushed (even his 2 minutes) nothing is a problem (everything is handled efficiently and effectively) everything is possible. His passion for photography and his region is infectious (hence my return) and most of all he just makes you want to be a better and more confident photographer.

Christopher Ward, Ottawa, Canada

I was the very fortunate winner of the “2010 Adriatic2Alps Survey” and was able to take advantage of this incredible prize at the end of a journey through Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Slovenia. The Ljubljana Photography Break was exactly as described and wandering the side streets of this stunning little gem of a city with someone like Luka who is passionate about his city, his country and its culture only further enhanced the experience. Accompanying Luka and stopping to focus, no pun intended! on the smaller details and having him explain “functions” that were on the camera, that until that point had remained in the “I’m not so sure about this” realm really allowed me to see a different side of my creativity. I can honestly say that now I am now looking at things in a much more creative way and composing shots in new and different ways. Having someone explain to you, perspective, angles, and White Balance and taking the time to show you hands on, the benefits of a few steps forward/backward can make in composing a shot, the incredible differences in the same image with just changing the white balance really makes a difference. Luka is a wealth of knowledge and talent and he is keen to share this with people and is genuinely interested in what his guests are trying to learn, while offering tips and pointers to enhance their experience. My time in Ljubljana was very limited and Luka was extremely obliging when plans were altered a bit at the last minute whilst in Ljubljana. He rose to the challenge of battling with Mother Nature and overcast skies and took us on a drive out to Skofja Loka on my final day, thus giving a little sampling of Town and Country. His recommendation for a farewell “Authentic cuisine dinner” was spot on, Delicious! If you are reading the Testimonials and are going to Slovenia or know of anyone going to Lukas corner of the World, you can recommend Adriatic2Alps with out hesitation and be assured of a receiving a QUALITY product with a very personal and professional guide who is there to assist you in enhancing your photography or providing an opportunity for that “perfect shot” Luka, I cannot THANK YOU enough for the inspiration you’ve provided and the creativity you’ve unleashed!

Bonnie Lee & Tames Irvine, Canada

The weather absolutely refused to cooperate during our two days with Luka, but my husband and I still had a fantastic experience with him in Slovenia. Even though Velika Planina didn’t happen for us due to the rain and fog, our time down in Križna Jama definitely helped to make up for it! Our stop at Rakov Škocjan was also special and it was a great spot to take shelter from the rain :) I was excited but also a bit nervous to meet Luka at first because I’ve had no formal training in photography and I worried I would be completely out of my league. Thankfully, though, I was encouraged by Luka’s direction and really impressed with his expertise and patience. I think I was sort of relieved to learn that even the pros have to take many, many shots to come away with just one really great one to keep! I still can’t believe how many times we tried to capture those water drops in the caves, but Luka’s perseverance was much appreciated and I felt that he really wanted to ensure we had a great experience while we were with him. Special thanks also to Lojze who also had a great energy and enthusiasm that made it really fun for us. We loved our time in Slovenia and feel really fortunate to have connected with Luka to get our trip started on such a positive note. We appreciated his knowledge of the country and our time with him was definitely a highlight of our trip. Although our excursion was short, I came away with a few good tips from Luka that had me tinkering with the settings on my camera quite a bit for the rest of our vacation and it feels good to have a little more confidence behind the lens. Learning the light painting technique was very cool and it was an experience in an environment unique to Slovenia that we’ll remember for years to come. Many thanks to Luka who made every effort to ensure we had an enjoyable time with him. We hope to visit with you again soon!

Tirosh, Marom & Ron families, Israel

We also had such a great time in Slovenia, and mostly on the time we traveled with you. It’s not so easy to guide a group of 3 families that are so different in many aspects… but you managed with your spacial emotional and social intelligence +a great sense of humor, to guide our tour peacefully and nicely, as if it was a piece of cake (kremshnit!)”

The Tirosh family

“Thanks again for a wonderful trip. Slovenia under your guidance managed to exceed our expectations in all aspects. We specifically liked the beautiful farm house you found for us in the Soca Valley, the beautiful day trips, the traditional restaurants you took us to and the attention you paid to make it fun and exciting for our kids as well. Looking forward to coming back!”

The Ron family

“Our family had a wonderful vacation in Slovenia this summer, and we all agreed that it is not only because Slovenia is such a beautiful country, but first and for most, because Luka was such a wonderful guide. Slovenia has amazing mountains, rivers, waterfalls and caves, and the people are so friendly and easy going. Luka is the best guide we ever had and we wish he could plan our trips all over the world. He planed everything- the places we visited, the hotels, the minibus, the driver, the activities and the restaurants. He was amazingly accommodating; whenever we wanted to change the plans it was no problem, he made the calls and a new great plan was created on the spot. He has perfect English and great knowledge in everything related to Slovenia. We really enjoyed the water rafting with kids, the extreme parks, the walks, the waterfalls and spending some time at the beach by the beautiful lakes, and of course Lake Bled’s famous creamshnit!”

From The bottom of our heart, Karen & The Maroms

Michelle Kirmse Michaud, Tucson, USA

I have limited experience in photography, and dabbled a bit in high school and college. I’m now in a place in my life where I can focus more on photography. Right from the first communication, Luka impressed me with his efficient, professional manner – an approach that not only showed me his enthusiasm and passion for photography, but resulted in instilling confidence in my work behind the lens. During the Ljubljana Photo Walk tour, Luka showed me functions of my camera I wasn’t confident in using, as well as taught me to be confident in my photo taking ability. He is a very patient teacher, who answered all my questions (even the ones I asked more than once). I was able to see a city I’ve lived in for almost 2 years, in a new way. Luka gave me a new, fresh perspective on photography. I can not wait for him to show me new tricks and trade secrets.

Jenny Haggard, Munich, Germany

I really had a good time on the tour and really enjoy applying what you taught me when I take pictures now. You are a great teacher! We certainly look forward to taking another trip with you in the future!

Jami Scott, Hebron, USA

Just wanted to send you a note to let you know how much I enjoyed the day in the Soca Valley…and actually every day I spent in Slovenia (even the rainy ones) was truly amazing. I learned quite a bit (you can thank Dan as well). I was afraid to mess with any of the settings on my camera prior to our meeting. During the rest of my vacation, I was playing with the camera quite a bit.

Ellen Kerr, Seattle, USA

My husband and myself thoroughly enjoyed our fall trip to Slovenia and Croatia. In Slovenia we used Luka as our tour guide for the week and we were not disappointed. He arranged a varied and interesting itinerary and was a pleasure to be with. My husband and I were very interested in photography and Luka suggested great places to get just the right shot, brought an extra tripod for my husband and allowed us ample time to take gorgeous photos. We especially enjoyed visiting the Istria region and the custom truffle hunt and wine tasting he arranged. Our time with him went according to plan and he was quite knowledgeable about the places we visited. We would definitely use him again.


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