Waterfalls Photography Workshop Trip Report

The amazing group photo by our photography leader Amadeja Knez.

Our last photography workshop of the Autumn season took us to Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Over one week, we explored the highlights of both countries, focusing on autumnal colors, rivers, and waterfalls. In Bosnia, we captured the stunning scenery along the Una River and visited the towns of Bihać, Kulen Vakuf, and Martin Brod. Our journey in Croatia included two days in Plitvice Lakes National Park, followed by excursions in Dalmatia, where we explored various locations along the Zrmanja River and Velebit Mountain. Our diverse group of seven participants hailed from across the globe, including the UK, US, Singapore, France, and Taiwan. It was a fabulous time filled with amazing photography!

Enough words, check the gallery by our photographer Luka Esenko!

  1. What a fabulous trip and a great group of people. We had some amazing photo opportunities and discovered lots of spots off the beaten track. A big thank you to Luka and Amadeja.

  2. What an amazing trip with a wonderful group of people. We had plenty of photo opportunities and a lot of fun. Thank you to Luka and Amadeja for making the trip so enjoyable.

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