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We love what we do and are passionate about photography – that’s why we’re in this business.We’re the most established photography tour company in this region and our pros know and love the destinations we travel to. We’ve researched the best places to go, when to be there and how to do this in a fun, relaxed way that ensures you have a great trip and return with an impressive portfolio of images.

We only travel in small groups – we’re not into mass tourism – so you can expect to receive the attention you deserve from professional photography leaders who like to share their expertise and knowledge.

We like to ‘travel local’ and ‘shop small’; we support local business, culture and initiatives. Accommodation and food are selected with this in mind and ensure our visitors have a quality travel experience with a personal touch.







We’ve embraced a responsible attitude to travel and are proud to have been recognized by the Slovene Tourist Board in 2009 for innovative tourism. Nothing’s changed – we still strive to promote ethical tours that offer a local experience and work with the environment whilst providing the most incredible photography opportunities.

​Our clients come back and travel with us again and again. They trust us to create a photography experience to suit them and once they’ve seen the destinations and locations we have to offer, one trip is never enough. Our itineraries are well-planned but flexible enough to get the best from the weather and conditions, so no shoot is ever wasted. We can easily tailor our tours and workshops to our clients’ specific needs and to incorporate a range of photography levels and desired locations. It’s really no trouble. Visit our testimonials to see some of the memorable times we’ve shared with our clients.

We want you to travel and with us and share memorable photography experiences.”

​We are based in Ljubljana, central Slovenia, the perfect starting point for exploring Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Austria, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Bulgaria and the wider Adriatic region. No other photography company knows these regions like we do. 


Luka Esenko

Luka Esenko

Luka has travelled to 50+ countries around the globe and has plenty more on his ‘go to’ list. Initially an enjoyable hobby, photography soon became a way of life for Luka and he has since established himself as one of the leading landscape photographers in Slovenia. Luka started life as a tour guide and worked his way up in tourism until he established his own photography tour company in 2008. Since then he has enjoyed leading small groups of photographers across the Adriatic region, sharing his passion for nature, outdoor life and his love of the mountains – where he is at his happiest. His latest venture is PhotoHound, a photography location finding app which offers a collection of quality destination guides to help photographers discover incredible photography spots and get the best from each shoot. Luka’s work has led him to collaborate with internationally renowned photographers and his work has featured in National Geographic, various photography magazines, travel guides and online media and is regularly sought after by the Slovene Tourist Board.


Say hello to Zvezdana, our resident traveller, who’s all about experiencing new things and meeting new people. Give her a hiking trail or a camping spot, and she’s in her element. Plus, thanks to her family’s truck, she’s pretty handy at driving vans and small trucks.

Zvezdana knows tourism inside and out, having worked in the industry while clocking up her own fair share of travel miles. Her photography? Still a bit hit-and-miss, but when it comes to being flexible, open-minded, and totally there for her clients and team, she’s a pro. Sharing her experiences and helping others with their travels – that’s what makes her day. You can chat with her in Slovenian, English, Croatian, Serbian, Italian, and even a little Spanish. Home for Zvezdana is usually Gorizia, Italy, but occasionally, she’s off chilling in Postojna, Slovenia.

Dan Briški

Dan Briški is a Slovenian freelance photographer based in Ljubljana. His main passion is outdoor photography and he specialises in landscapes, especially mountain scenes. Most of his inspiration comes from nature and he spends a lot of time climbing in the Alps looking for scenes that best represent the beauty contrasted with the harshness of the mountain environment. Dan’s main goal is to create images that transport the viewers into nature’s wilderness and to convey to them something of the emotions he experienced whilst there.

Dan has been leading tours for Luka Esenko Workshops since 2013 and has lead tours in Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro.

Ana Pogačar

Ana’s love for travelling and outdoor life evolved into a passion for landscape photography, especially followng the arrival of digital cameras. She can regularly be seen roaming both her home country, Slovenia, and countries around the world looking for amazing locations and perfect light. A translator by profession, she left that world to work in the photography business, but when she’s not taking pictures, one can see her hiking, skiing, rollerblading or paddle boarding.

Iordan Hristov

Dancho (Iordan Hristov) is a landscape and wildlife photographer from Bulgaria.  He first dabbled with photography at the age of 13 with an old Zenit film camera. A few years later his interest in wildlife and birds in particular led him to his first digital camera when the adventure began in earnest. For the past 10 years, Dancho has been travelling extensively, mainly around Europe, guiding photographers, participating in bird surveys and just generally exploring nature. 

Dancho is the author of a PhotoHound Guide to photographing Bulgaria and has received several awards from regional landscape and wildlife photography contests. A significant part of his time is dedicated to planning trips and guiding groups.

Matija Špelić

Matija Spelic is a published, Croatia-based photographer and photo tour guide who specialises in landscape and travel photography. Matija’s love for photography started at a young age but flourished during his travels through South-East Asia where he had many opportunities to learn and develop his skills. Matija’s work regularly appears in exhibitions, books and tourism promotions. Matija enjoys leading small group and one-to-one photo tours where he shares his favourite locations, techniques, ways to develop skills and a general passion for his craft.

Jaka Ivančič

Jaka Ivancic is a Landscape photographer from Slovenia. His photos appear in many catalogs, posters and other promotional publications of the Slovenian Tourist Board and individual municipalities. He was listed on the Slovenian TOP 10 Instagram photographers of 2016 and 2017. With the solo exhibition “Salted With Love”, on the theme of the culinary delights of Istria and Karst, he was presented to the public at the world exhibition Expo in Milan 2015 in the Slovenian pavilion. His exhibition, “Experience Istria”, which was premiered in May 2017 in the Koper Regional Museum was also featured in July and August in the center of the Russian capital at the Museum of Moscow and later in June 2018 in Netherlands at the Hague Library. Many of his photos have been published by National Geographic. He was listed in the selection of the Best National Geographic Landscape photos of 2018 and ranked 7th on Oneyeland World’s TOP 10 Landscape photographers 2018.

Andrej Kralj

Andrej followed his heart to leave a career in military IT to focus more on the things he loves, and he now works at Esenko Workshops as a full-time pro and tour leader. Exploring with fellow photographers, sharing the best of his beautiful region and being outdoors with a camera are what drives him. As well as a love of landscape photography, Andrej has a passion for photojournalism following a half-year deployment in Kosovo. Getting lost with Andrej as your guide is practically impossible since he literally stands out from any crowd at over 6ft tall!

Miro Podgoršek

Miro Podgoršek is a photographer, according to him, from the most beautiful part of Slovenia, the Gorenjska region. Surrounded by mountains, he spends his free days with his camera in the Julian Alps and Karavanks. When the snow whitens the mountains, his passion for tour skiing comes to the fore. This passion draws him to other mountains, especially the mountains above the fjords in Norway. His second passion is travel, which records on its website in the form of travelogues. He appreciates genuine contact with the locals on his travels, which he also wants to provide to his guests. He has been involved in photography more seriously since 2007, and has been with Luka’s team since 2017.

Jošt Gantar

Jošt Gantar, award winning profesional photographer, outdoor enthusiast who crisscrosses Slovenia on a daily basis. His works were published in hundreds Slovenian and foreign publications, catalogues and books, for instant on the cover of the official Slovenian tourist catalogue and in National Geographic magazine. His works were exhibited on many exhibitions, among others also in the United nations palace in New York. 

As an author he enjoys landscape photography the most, but works on many fields of profesional photography especially in the field of tourism – photographing destinations and hotels he is also Marriott hotels certified photographer.