Winter photo workshop in Slovenia February 2020

Winter photo workshops Julian Alps

Our fourth workshop this year was run in cooperation with Muench Workshops, one of the most renowned companies that specialise in photography workshops around the world. The leaders of the workshop in Slovenia were Marc Muench and Luka Esenko who lead this small group of photographers.

Like the last two workshops, winter was very mild this time too. We had unusual warm weather with very little snow. Despite this we enjoyed our time in Slovenia and found great stuff to photograph every day. The highlights of the trip were beautiful mists and sunrise at St Thomas church, amazing light on the coast of Slovenia, multiple drives to the highest mountain roads in Slovenia and a true snow thunderstorm that chased us down the mountain one evening!

Since this was a longer workshop, we included a few visits to medieval towns of Slovenia where we photographed architecture, indulged in street photography and capture some night photos with street lights.

Above is a small collection of photos by Luka Esenko. On the links below you will find some of our clients galleries: – Raj Gupta, a doctor from US with incredible eye for photography – Tom, another doctor from US, who captured Slovenia beautifully and added cool captions that tell a nice story about the country.

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