Slovenia in Winter trip report 2020

Winter this season is challenging in photography terms. There are warm temperatures and lack of snow which makes it difficult to find great conditions. Having intimate local knowledge about locations, weather and getting there is even more important in times like this.

In six days we covered all places where we could find winter and was accessible with a group. This group was incredibly fun, our guests came from Switzerland, California, Slovakia and Brasil, very international and well travelled people who connected with each other nicely. At the end, the workshop turned out to be a success. mild winters also have advantages – pleasant weather, driveable mountain roads, mists around the lakes and easier photography. Here below is my small collection of photos from the trip.

One o four participants, Hanspeter was kind enough to share a gallery of his photos from our trip:

I am looking forward to our next winter workshop in January 2021. Feel free to check out details and join us:

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