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    Slovenia in Winter - Tour extension to Italy and Austria

    Italy and Austria are increasingly becoming more and more popular and recognizable among photography nation. We at Esenko Workshops are fully aware of that and are working hard to put together a full tour, which will take place in 2021.

    We started planning a three-day extension of our Slovenia in Winter 2020 tour last year and ended up including the Dolomites as a full six-day tour.

    In contrast to a shortage of snow in Slovenia, we found near-perfect conditions on the other side of the Alps in Austria. We visited some beautiful landscape landmarks and the picture-perfect town of Hallstatt.

    The Dolomites were also short on snow compared to last year, which on the other hand meant greater accessibility and we were able to reach some areas that are usually closed during the winter.

    The weather was more than we could ever wish for and the group (Vivien, Arun, and Rastislav) was a guide’s dream come true. An honorable mention was a fourth member Joseph Van Os, a founder of Van Os Photo Safaris, who had some free time between the Pelican and Eagles workshop and our Slovenia tour and decided to join us.

    Make sure to check our website frequently, as we are close to publishing the “Austria in Winter 2021” tour dates and itinerary. You can also click the link below to subscribe to our newsletter and make sure you never miss the latest information about our tours and workshops.