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    Autumn in Slovenia with Randy Hanna from Muench Workshops

    In the fall I had the pleasure to work with Randy Hanna from Muench Workshops once again. As a former soldier, I have nothing but deep respect for a retired US officer, not to mention Randy is a great photographer. I have led for Muench Workshops before and must admit that it was always a very pleasant experience, from the planning stage to executing the actual tour or workshop.

    The group was very versatile, from North to South Americans with a Canadian guy to spice it all up. Everybody in the group was very cooperative and since some were very knowledgeable and experienced photographers, we managed with Randy to focus on the ones who needed some guidance to show and teach them some new tricks.

    The fall colors were outstanding, and our workshop was raging from high Alpine scenes to medieval coastal towns. I cannot wait for another chance to work with Muench guys and especially with Randy Hanna.