North Macedonia Trip Report

North Macedonia is not known as a photography tour destination among photographers. It does have some very cool attractions though. Travel photographers will appreciate the diverse photo opportunities, landscapes, cities, people and even wildlife.

We travelled to this amazing country in the beginning of September. The main reason is that this is a harvest season for most of agricultural areas of the country. We travelled to wine region, to the east where there are mainly farm fields with red peppers, tobacco and even rice.

Then something very different followed – Mt Pelister national park, shrouded in thick cloud! We photographed the Big Lake (Golemo ezero) at 2500m above the sea level, stone rivers, molika tree forests and wild horses. What a day.

Lake Ohrid was another beautiful location where we indulged in warm sun, great food and stunning views.

To conclude our trip we visited St John Bigorski monastery where there was the biggest festival of the year. Later we drove to Tetovo to visit the most interesting mosque of the country. And concluded our day in Skopje, the capital of the country.

Our extension was three days in South Serbia. Our main goal was to photograph red peppers harvest which turned out to be the highlight of the whole trip!

Feel free to join us on our next North Macedonia photography tour!

A couple of links to our participants galleries:

Sue Wolfe – North Macedonia photos

Lili Bašić – a blog post from North Macedonia photography tour

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