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Join our team for a full day of photography at Plitvice Lakes, one of Croatia’s best-loved national parks.  


Explore the park and its spectacular lakes and waterfalls in a small group with a professional guide on hand to offer photographic assistance, tailor the day to individual needs and help you get the best out of your photography whatever your level.

During this one day tour we will focus on landscape photography and composition. You’ll have time at the park’s top locations with spectacular views of waterfalls, lakes, forests and pathways. We’ll experiment with long exposure photography and learn how to get silky smooth water in your images and try some other photography techniques along the way.  


Our guide will pick you up from Zagreb and your first stop will be the small village of Rastoke, near Slunj. Known for its water mills, this beautiful village sits in a unique location where the Slunjčica river joins the Korana river.

The rest of the day will be spent in Plitvice park and we’ll cover much of it on foot - so come prepared to walk! There are endless photographic opportunities in the park,  so we’ll work as a group and with the light to decide which spots we focus on. We’ll stay in the park for sunset and, if lucky, we’ll catch the amazing colors in the sky at the end of the day.


All levels of photographers are welcome, from beginners looking for beautiful location shots using their smartphone to professional photographers who want to catch the perfect light at the best location.

A sturdy tripod, wide-angle and macro lenses and a flash (preferably a separate flash unit). Lighting equipment (speedlights or professional flashlights) will be provided upon request.

Bring warm clothes, a fleece jacket, warm socks (two pairs), comfortable trousers – the temperature inside the cave is 8 degrees Celsius (46°F) all year round.

Caving equipment will be provided before entering the cave (rubber boots, caving suit, a helmet and flash lights).


Cave access depends on weather conditions. After periods of heavy rain the water in the cave can rise above its normal level, which can make trips beyond the first lake impossible. In this case an alternative itinerary will be arranged.



Group size




All year 

2 - 6 guests

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Difficulty level

We will spend a decent amount of time walking. There is uneven terrain in the park and we need to be very careful with our step not to damage fragile environment.

On a half day workshop we will visit the first underground lake which is about a 20 minute walk into the cave. The focus will be on light-painting techniques, macro photography and we can try our luck with falling water drops.

On a full day workshop we will venture beyond the first lake and spend at least four hours underground walking (and boating). This trip requires a good level of fitness and is limited to four visitors per day.