Slovenia photography tour report

Photo tour in Slovenia

Slovenia is worth photographing in any time of year. Most of photographers visit this beautiful country in October for Autumn colours in nature or in Winter when Julian Alps are covered in snow.

Spring is also nice time for visit because of plentiful waterfalls, wild flowers and lush nature in general. While summer is least favourite among photographers it does have its advantages. We run Slovenia photo tours and workshops throughout the year, also in summer.

The main reason for coming on a photo trip to Slovenia in summer is mountains and hiking. The mountain huts are open and weather is reliable. In the Alps the temperatures are never too hot, especially if you are out for sunrise or sunset like photographers.

Here are some photos from our recent trip to Julian Alps with our small group. We had a fabulous time photographing mountain pastures, alpine lakes and rivers and hilltop churches. We met only a few other people on mornings – once we met our friends who run small group hiking trips to Slovenia and had a pleasant chat while enjoying the sunrise in the Alps.

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